WeedFighter’s development work is based on collaboration with good and competent partners.

In addition to being partners, Yding Smedie & Maskiner and Artlinco are also co-owners.

Together, we are a strong team that can handle all necessary functions, from development to production, sales, and service.


  • Is a development company consisting of engineers and designers
  • Develops products, services, and messages
  • Has been in existence for 20 years
  • Employs over 10 staff members

Learn more about Artlinco on their website:

Yding Smedie & Maskiner

  • Has been selling and servicing agricultural machinery for over 25 years
  • Manufactures specialized machinery for agriculture and industry
  • Has approximately 60 employees and 35 service vehicles
  • Can manufacture, sell, install, and service our machines

Learn more about Yding Smedie & Maskiner here:

Engineering Firms

To ensure that we develop the machines most effectively in both the short and long term, we collaborate with a microwave engineer and an engineering firm.

Manufacturing, Service, and Installation

To manufacture the machines, we collaborate with Yding Smedie & Maskiner.

To install our machines on carriers and provide servicing, we collaborate with Yding Smedie & Maskiner.

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