Sustainability in
Weed Control

WeedFighter is a revolutionary invention that makes it easier, cheaper, and more sustainable to combat weeds compared to other methods on the market.

The method combines steam, a specially developed accelerator, and microwaves in a patented 3-step process that ensures effective and sustainable weed control.


1. Steam: Efficiency and Innovation in Focus

The thermal treatment of steam quickly penetrates and destroys plant cells, leading to effective drying. With rapid energy transfer, steam allows for high travel speed with moderate energy consumption. At the same time, steam ensures heat transfer with significantly reduced water usage compared to hot water methods. Our latest innovation, an advanced steam nozzle, further enhances the efficiency of steam.

To ensure optimal plant impact with steam, we have developed a robust, flexible shield. This shield allows WeedFighter’s machine to work close to terrain without the risk of damage. Moreover, the steam method is safe and eliminates the risk of fire, making it ideal even under drought-like conditions.

2. WeedFighter accelerator: Reducing Regrowth

After steam treatment, water with our specially developed accelerator is applied, further drying the plants and reducing regrowth.

This accelerator is gentle on humans, animals, plants, and the aquatic environment, non-corrosive, free of fertilizers or chlorides, and biodegradable. Want to know more?
Download the safety data sheet (danish).


3. Microwaves: Double Efficiency

The steam has provided the necessary moisture that microwaves can grab onto, and the accelerator helps enhance the effect of microwaves.

Microwaves change polarity 2.5 billion times per second, causing water molecules to rub against each other and generate heat. So, in combination with the specially developed accelerator, WeedFighter can affect the plant more efficiently, allowing for faster treatment and fewer necessary treatments compared to other methods.

Sustainability and economics hand in hand

WeedFighter Pro is not only effective but also sustainable. With reduced water consumption and low CO2 emissions per square meter treated, it is an environmentally friendly choice. The efficient weed treatment also makes it a cost-effective solution for our customers.


3 weeks after gas burning


3 weeks after WeedFighter

Independent validation of WeedFighter technology

To ensure transparency and credibility in our technology, we have had the Technological Institute evaluate WeedFighter compared to common methods such as gas burning, which is one of the most widespread methods for pesticide-free weed control today.

The results of this study were clear: WeedFighter Pro showed significantly less regrowth compared to a gas burner. Even though this report is a few years old and our technology has since improved, it still underscores the strength and effectiveness of the WeedFighter method. If you want to delve deeper into the details of the report, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to send it to you.

The clear difference, 16 months after treatment


Treatment with a gas burner


Treatment with WeedFighter with steam


Treatment with WeedFighter with microwaves

WeedFighter and Aarhus University in innovative collaboration

WeedFighter is proud to engage in groundbreaking collaboration with Aarhus University (AU Flakkebjerg) under the leadership of Bo Melander. This project, running from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2027, is supported by the Green Development and Demonstration Program (GUDP) under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries. GUDP recognizes the great potential in examining our thermal weed control concept, especially as agriculture today seeks alternative methods for weed control.

The project aims to investigate the potential of our technology in agriculture. This includes exploring alternative solutions to herbicides, growth termination of potatoes, field desiccation before the next crop, and weed control in orchards, among others.

While WeedFighter is responsible for providing the necessary technology and machinery, AU Flakkebjerg will handle the practical aspects of the project. We look forward to the results, as we believe it highlights not only the sustainable potential of our technology but also its ability to make weed control more energy and cost-effective compared to current methods.

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