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What are cookies? A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser to recognize your computer, mobile, or tablet during return visits. A cookie is not a program, does not contain viruses or similar harmful code, and cannot be used to identify you personally.

Cookies are used to store specific information so that the website can recognize your visit later. This can include information about your login to your personal user profile or your registration for events, etc. (only for members).

Two types of cookies are used on necessary cookies and statistics cookies. If you do not consent to us using cookies, only the necessary cookies will be generated.

Necessary cookies Necessary cookies are cookies that are essential for the website to function. The necessary cookies used on this website include:

  • cookie_agreed which tracks whether you have given permission for us to use third-party cookies.
  • has_js which tracks whether your browser uses JavaScript.
  • sess which is necessary to track whether you are logged in to the site.

Statistics cookies Statistics cookies help website owners understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously. The statistics cookies used on this website include:

  • _ga records a unique ID used to track how the visitor uses the website.
  • _gid records a unique ID used to track how the visitor uses the website.
  • _gat used by Google Analytics to limit the speed of server requests.