Sustainable Weed Control

Fast control and low regrowth with machines from WeedFighter

– benefits operational economy, environment, and climate

With WeedFighter, you combat weeds quickly and efficiently without compromising on the environment or economy.

Our method is simple and based on collaboration with nature.

Herning Municipality has taken a step into the future of weed control by replacing their two gas burners with WeedFighter Pro! Read about the municipality’s expectations for the machine.


The Benefits of Using WeedFighter!

Economical Weed Control

WeedFighter’s low regrowth means
you get optimal maintenance
with a minimal number of treatments

Saves the Environment
and Helps the Climate!

WeedFighter has low energy consumption per square meter per year.
Therefore, minimal CO2 emissions as well.

Simple and Effective
Specially Developed Accelerator

WeedFighter’s harmless and biodegradable drying agent enhances your
success with thermal weed control

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Why Choose WeedFighter?

The Future of Sustainable Weed Control

At WeedFighter, we are driven by a desire to make a difference and transform the world into a better place. We are behind the development of innovative technology that changes the way weed control is done. WeedFighter is a sustainable, more effective, and safer alternative.
WeedFighter Pro is a newly developed, entirely unique machine that removes weeds with steam, a specially developed accelerator, and microwaves.

Sustainable weed control with innovative technology

WeedFighter is working for…

Clean drinking water, climate, and the environment for everyone

With low operating costs and low energy consumption, WeedFighter is a great alternative to both pesticides and gas burning.


WeedFighter has legally valid exclusive rights (Utility Model Protection) to combine heat and salt.

operational economy

Our specially developed accelerator keeps operating costs down. It contributes to fewer, more efficient treatments.

CO2 emissions

Pesticide-free methods consume energy and emit CO2. WeedFighter’s efficient energy transfer and reduced regrowth ensure minimal energy consumption

Machine sizes for different needs

WeedFighter provides machines for municipal traffic areas, housing associations, cemeteries, and handymen.

Non-toxic drying agent

WeedFighter’s accelerator is a non-toxic special salt that does not require declaration or approval.

Getting rid of problematic weeds

WeedFighter even combats grasses that typically regrow quickly after pesticide-free treatment.

Weed control
without fire hazard

By using hot water, we ensure that the temperature is always below the ignition temperature for dry plant material.

With innovative, sustainable technology, WeedFighter is a great alternative to both pesticides and gas burners.

WeedFighter thus supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals of clean drinking water and reduced climate impact.


WeedFighter also contributes to achieving the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:
3 – Good Health and Well-being, 9 – Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities, 14 – Life Below Water, 15 – Life on Land


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Machines and technology are just another word for sustainability

The goal is clear! Our machines aim to optimize the user’s operational economy, safety, and working environment through pesticide-free weed control.