A Better World with WeedFighter

WeedFighter consists of a series of efficient weed machines for pesticide-free weed control. Forget pesticides and gas burners. WeedFighter offers a sustainable, more efficient, and safer alternative.

With WeedFighter, there is room for wild nature and biodiversity. But also to solve the challenge of removing weeds in an environmentally friendly way, thus ensuring accessibility and safety for everyone who moves along the streets and alleys.


WeedFighter Pro

With the combination of steam and microwaves, WeedFighter Pro breaks all conventions and previous methods of pesticide-free weed control. The machine sets a new standard for sustainability, speed, and efficiency.

  • Can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80%
  • Low water consumption
  • Flexible – can be mounted on all types of carrier vehicles or small tractors
  • High travel speed
  • Lower treatment frequency

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WeedFighter Handi

Customized, mobile WeedFighter models that use our unique pesticide-free technology with steam and our biodegradable accelerator.

Weedfighter Handi


The trailer model is for those who need to treat larger areas.

  • Trailer model
  • Trailer behind the car
  • Extra large capacity

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WeedFighter Box


The box model is for those who need to transport the machine on a trailer or truck.

  • Box model
  • Transported in a van or on a truck
  • Very flexible solution

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The truck model is for those who need to control weeds on areas more than 50 meters away from the road.

  • Truck model
  • The machine is built on a truck
  • Extremely mobile

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WeedFighter Accelerator

  • Not declarable or subject to approval
  • Harmless to humans, animals, and the water environment
  • Biodegradable
  • Very low corrosion
  • Contains no fertilizers
  • Contains no chlorides
  • Used in food and medicine
  • Added directly to the water tank
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No Fire Hazard

Since the method does not pose a fire hazard, it is a safe control method near wooden buildings and hedges.

Easy to Use

WeedFighter’s quick and easy-to-read temperature gauge makes it easy to see when the water is hot enough for treatment.


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